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Bolivia Tierra Querida Folklor Radio en vivo

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Bolivia Tierra Querida Folklor is a popular radio channel based in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It primarily serves the region of Santa Cruz, but its online streaming service allows listeners from other parts of the country to tune in as well. The channel offers a diverse range of folkloric programming, including traditional Bolivian music such as huayños, cuecas and chacareras, and interviews with notable folkloric artists. Listeners can catch their favorite shows throughout the day, as the channel offers an extensive schedule that airs from early morning until late at night. In addition, Bolivia Tierra Querida Folklor's website offers an online archive of past programming, allowing listeners to catch up on missed episodes or revisit their favorite moments. Overall, Bolivia Tierra Querida Folklor is a must-listen for anyone interested in traditional Bolivian music and culture.
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Escuchar Bolivia Tierra Querida Folklor en la app radio.net
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