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Radio Folklore Nacional Radio en vivo

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Radio Folklore Nacional is a radio channel based in La Paz, Bolivia, dedicated to showcasing traditional Bolivian music and folklore. The channel aims to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Bolivia through its diverse programming. The channel primarily caters to a Bolivian audience, with programming in Spanish and indigenous languages.

Radio Folklore Nacional boasts a varied schedule, featuring Bolivian music genres such as chacarera, huayño, saya, and more. The channel airs traditional music performances, interviews with local musicians and cultural figures, and educational programming on Bolivian history and folklore.

Listeners can tune in to Radio Folklore Nacional on the frequency 94.3 FM, or online through the channel's website. The channel broadcasts seven days a week and offers a diverse range of programming, from morning news updates to evening cultural programs. Fans of traditional Bolivian music and folkloric arts will find plenty to enjoy on Radio Folklore Nacional.
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Escuchar Radio Folklore Nacional en la app radio.net
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